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08 September 2013 @ 06:34 pm
Fan Fic Recs  
Had to repost this for some odd reason...

The Moment It Began (Severus/Lily): Has Deathly Hallows spoilers. Snape is given the chance to live his life over again.

Iris (Harry/Cedric): Songfic based on the song Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. Now a multi-chaptered fic.

Books Fall Open (Viktor/Hermione): AU. Viktor and Hermione rediscover their love for each other 3 years after the war. (Hermione was raped by a Death Eater and has a 3yr old daughter) Very different from other fics I've read.

All I Need (Fleur/Hermione): AU-Fleurmione-GoF Onwards-A brief moment of fate spins a web of trials for Fleur Delacour. Though love is a guiding light, can she withstand the darkness? A darkness rooted in her own heritage...-Girl/Girl (copied and pasted the summary given on ff.net)

Falling (Viktor/Hermione): It is the Sunday after the Second Task, and Viktor realizes he’s done a poor job of communicating his intentions to Hermione. VKHG, spoilers for GOF only, warning for pure, unadulterated fluff. (Summary taken from the ff.net version)

The Boy Who Loved (Cedric/Harry): AU 4TH year. Cedric doesn't die. Romance between Cedric and Harry.

Butterfly (Harry/Parvati): What if Parvati didn't o to dance with that boy from Durmstrang? The romance with Harry starts off from there,

Deathly Scream (Harry/cedric): Cedric has died after the triwizard Tournament. Fic goes every chapter by past and present time. (Word count is over 100,000... double yay)

Blood and Rose Petals(Harry/Cedric): Fic where Ced is dead but is really a vampire. (Don't wannna say too much.. wouldn't want to spoil the story.)

Out of The Sky (Harry/Cedric) AU 4TH year GOF. Loved this fic... really heartbreakig.

Too Dangerous (Tonks/Lupin): Remus warned Tonks that he was too old, poor, and most important of all, too dangerous. She doesn't care, as usual. But when they finally get together, a series of events happen that may destroy them. TonksxLupin

Afterglow of the After Life (Tonks/Lupin): DH. Whispers beyond the Veil transform into yelling and sobs as our favorite couple meet in the after life and it isn't all warm and fuzzy... A funny side to our heartbreaking ending.

Under the last Blue Moon: (Tonks/Lupin): They say that during a rare blue moon, a werewolf is spared from his transformation and can see the full moon through a human eye, but at a terrible cost: a werewolf will emerge from a blue moon night knowing things he wished he'd never known at all.

Age of Consent (Tonks,Charlie): Bill thinks Tonks is cute, Tonks is in love with Charlie, and Charlie can only think of dragons. This is the story of the forgotten trio’s time at Hogwarts.

An Ocean Between Them (Snape/Tonks): Kingsley questions Tonks about her relationship with Snape during the war, and makes a revelation that could change her life.

Decoding You (Harry/Cedric): True love is the most capturing. Brought together in the pitch as rivals and partners in class, Harry and Cedric begin drowning in secret, growing passions. Takes place in third book. Updates frequent--

A Few Detentions and a Story (James/Lily): James Potter and Lily Evans are seventh years. We all know that James likes Lily but she doesn't like him. Maybe a Few Detentions and a Story later, that'll change...

The Goblet of Love (Viktor/Hermione): Told from the perspective of Hermione and Victor. This is a companion piece to Durmstrang's Daughter.

Love is a hard Waltz (Seamus Finnigan/Lavender Brown) : Written for hp_springsmut Seamus and Lavender and their relationship through 7th year and after the battle

Cinderelle Night by AnnaRedhue (Viktor/Hermione) 

What really happened between Hermione and Viktor the night of the Yule Ball after Ron left her crying on the stairs? HGVK Oneshot depending on the reviews I get for it. Warning: Citrus content. PSW: My desc. tend to reflect the movie more then the books.

What if I do it Wrong? (Neville/Luna): The idea of sex has always frightened Neville. 

 Dancing With the Moonlit Knight (Neville/Luna): The turn of the millennium brings changes to the lives of two heroes.

AWDT: Christmas Countdown (Fred/hermione): Hermione has started counting down to Christmas, but she's wondering if she should stop celebrating with the Weasleys. Can the last single Weasley change her mind?



Famous Last Words(Edward/Bella, Edward/Jacob) : Bella is turned into a vampire and things don't turn out well. Edward and Jacob go to find her when she goes missing. 

Can't Tell Me Nothing (Edward/Jacob): Jacob has imprinted on Edward. They together have figure out the truth of a prophecy that they must fulfill and leaving Bella out of the know.

Relapse (Edward/Bella, Edward/Jacob): Edward becomes ill, (Starts coughing up blood, nausea and etc.) and doesn't know what is wrong with him.

Beneath The Moonlight (Jacob/Edward):Bella is gone, leaving a very stunned Edward and a very angry Jacob. Now, they must decide whether to look for her or not.

Pressure (Edward/Jacob) AU! Human Edward Masen moves to from Los Angeles,California to Forks, Washington and meets Jacob. As ther reltionship progresses, events will force the two to evaluate what they mean to each other. (author has only posted the first part of the fic so far.)

 The Trick is to Keep Breathing:(Emmett/Rosalie)  Rosalie finds Emmett when his life is on the line, all because of a bear. When she makes the decision to save his life, she doesn't realize that she chose the path that will lead her life intertwined with the man she saved. This is their story.

Fate (Alice/Jasper) Alice and Jasper meet on the Titanic. It's AU (Since A/J don't meet , in canon, until 1950 I believe)

Can't Make a Sound (Edward/Jacob): Slash, MALE PREGNANCY, sequel to "Can't Tell Me Nothing" Jacob and Edward deal with the aftermath of their bonding and the return of Amabel. Rated M for language, mpreg and safety.

By the Moon and the Stars (Edward/Jacob): Edward and Jacob have a rocky relationship. One's a wolf, one's a vampire, both know they should hate each other, but both feel a pull of something different.

My Angel by Mandymallette (Roslie/Emmett):What would happen if Emmett had been around to save Rosalie before Royce attacked her? How will Rose's life change? How will she change? Could it work out between Rosalie, the rich, superficial girl and Emmett, the charming not-so-well off boy? Rosalie's not so sure... Set in modern times. All Human! OCs

Boarders (Sam/Bella):Bella is a restless teenager living in La Push, she has an atitude problem and has a huge problem with Sam Uley, the local cop and the guy who stole her two best friends, what happens when she spends two weeks with him learning all his secrets? AU

The O.C.

Taking The Long Way (Marissa/Alex): School is back in session and Marissa is happy to be away from the Bait Shop and her evil boss. At least, that’s what she thinks. Malex. (I've only read up to chapter two but I've liked what I read so far.)

AVDC (Marissa/Alex): Alex gets adopted instead of Ryan. Contains Malex of course.

Like You'll Nver See Me Again (Malex): Two days after a tragic accident, Alex receives a phone call that will forever change her life.

 One Life To Live:

Under the Napa Sun (Tash): After Nash's death, he finds himself in Napa with Tess.

General Hospital:
Ringing in The New Year(Lucky/Sam):An accident changed everything for two people left on the fringes. LuSam.

Crash Into You (Johnny/Lulu): Johnny and Lulu were never conventional. First came baby then came marriage. Then came Lulu's almost death.

The Comback(Lucky/Sam): A fall from grace and a lack of faith nearly destroyed everything, but sometimes all it takes is someone to help you pick yourself up to move on. LuSam.

Days of Our Lives:

Blood Vows (Ej/Sami): Veers AU in places. Lucas is not an issue but The BradyDiMera vendetta presents enough challenges.Will is about 4 here. Warnings for sex, violence, language and other mature themes.


Closer, a Theresa and Fox Fanfiction (Theresa/Fox): Trapped in a loveless marriage, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane finds herself drawn to her step-son Fox. By day, they are enemies; by night, they are lovers. After all, as the old saying goes, "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer."


 Death and The Goblin (Harry/Peter): Movieverse, post Spiderman 3. Peter is having a difficult time after the battle with Venom. But his situation is about to change, for better and for worse, when that which revives the one he misses most also brings back his earliest enemy. Slash, HP

Savin' Me (Harry/Peter): MOVIEBASED. SLASH. PeterHarry. After tragedy strikes Peter's life, he decides to deal with a problem that has been haunting him for a while: Harry Osborn. In an effort to repair their friendship, Peter reaches out. Meanwhile, Harry tries to use the opporttunity to win him over.(He comes to realization that he is in love with Peter.)

Trade (Harry/Peter): As Harry is dying, Peter makes a deal, exchanging his powers for his friend's life. He wakes up in a world with fragments of memory haunting him and problems looming on the horizon that he's powerless to confront. Movie AU, Peter/Harry
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4715390/1/ C Trade

The Aftermath (Harry/Peter): “You really thought you can just be a jerk with no consequences?” The aftermath of the Spider-Man 3 events. Peter realizes that he needs more luck than he thought; meanwhile, Harry struggles to save Oscorp from a Peter-induced disaster. Peter/Harry slash.


Guess Who? (Wolverine/Rogue) :It’s Valentine’s Day… The mansion’s “Scrooge” gets loads of unwanted cards; one gets him thinking though…

Last Chance (Wolverine/Rogue): It's ten years after the cure, and Rogue's fiance wants nothing to do with a woman who might have mutant children. Logan steps in to offer her a last chance at the life she always wanted.

The Chiseled Man (Wolverine/Rogue):Rogue catches a ride with traveling couple Scott Summers and Jean Grey. She's dropped off at a bar in Dawson and enters the bar to find a very chiseled man... Logan/Marie AU

Phantom of the Opera:

Tapestry of Deceit (Erik/Christine): Phantom of the Opera set in medieval Europe. Erik plays the mysterious and terrifying Black Knight, who is searching for a bride. Christine plays a lonely servant girl, who is mistaken as the Black Knight's intended. Romance, mystery, and as always, EC.

Little Women

Success in the shadow of Misfortune (Jo/Laurie): BRiNItA’s challenge. Years have passed and so has any chance for their friendship to be renewed. But is it only due to stubborn hearts and the Atlantic Ocean, or has Laurie truly moved on to a better and brighter life without any Jo in it? AU.


Shadows (Alex/Isabel, Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, and some Tess/Kyle): When Liz gets the call as she is about to get on a plane to Sweden. She meets someone at the airport and finds out that Alex is alive. Liz has to go with herif she wants to save her friends from Kivar and his minions.Later Liz is believed to be dead when her plane crashes.Liz and Alex together must help their friends without revealing their identities. (Haven't finished it but it is one of the best roswell fics i have read in a long time) 

Leaving the Past Behind(Alex/Isabel):Ten years have passed since Isabel lost the one person who meant everything to her what happens whe
n she is forced to face it again? Takes place after about midSeason Two. 

The Brilliant Dance (Alex/Isabel, Max/Liz,Michael/Maria): author's version of Roswell starting from the shooting at the Crashdown. Some Uc but not for long.


Alice In Wonderland

Bachlorette Party (Alice/Mad Hatter): Basically the Chattaway Twins are getting married and Alice tells them about Tarrant. Cute fic.

In a Wonderland They Lie (Alice/Mad Hatter): Alice returns to Underland, but troublesome creatures kidnap her and leave her lost in the dangerous and mysterious Outlands. Luckily, a certain hatter is swept along too.

Possible Side Effects (Alice/Mad Hatter): Alice takes the vial with the jabberwocky's blood but unknown to her, it has it has side effects and not good ones at that.

One Promise Kept: Book 1 (Alice/ Mad Hatter): Alice makes a promise that is kept, but at a great cost. Surviving the consequences should have taught her to be more careful with future promises, but how can she refuse the queen her Champion? Or Tarrant Hightopp his Alice?

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peppermintjampeppermintjam on September 9th, 2008 12:22 am (UTC)
Hey! Some of these fics look really good! I might just check it out!

lol At least you post regularly... I was stupid and just recently posted a random review on the wrong account! XD
Andrea: D/Gandrea1987 on September 9th, 2008 01:51 am (UTC)
Thats cool. I would highly recommend the Snape/Lily fic and Books Fall Open of the Hp selection.

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mozyvkorty on February 17th, 2013 07:11 am (UTC)
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jtshmee on January 7th, 2014 10:51 am (UTC)
Books Fall Open
Hello, I don't suppose you know of a full copy of Books Fall Open (Viktor/Hermione) That's still available? I can find chapters 1-7 on LJ, but the rest has disappeared! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!