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World Through Brown Eyes

Real happiness is found in the struggles we undergo to realize our goals

28 November 1987
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    My name is Andrea.I'm from New Jersey. 23 yrs old.I have ADD. Also I am a major in Sociology. After I finish college i dont know what the heck is going to happen. I love studying languages. Sometime later in the future, I plan to retake French, I had studied it for 4 years in high school and I've forgotten absolutely everything. I also want to take Italian, the language fascinates me to no end. In my free time when I'm not studying, I like to go to the mall, hang out with my friends, go to the movies, read, listen to music (any kind of music except RAP) In my journal you will encounter random stuff,(rambling, ranting on occasion.) Also like read and writing fanfiction (Currently plotting a Therox (Passions) fanfiction titled Incomplete).
    AIM: Angelofheaven879 or MoonlighWalks87


    Favorite Movies: Titanic,All Harry Potter Films, POTC, Milk, Gone With The Wind, The Wizard Of Oz,
    Actor: Leonardo DIcaprio, Orlando Bloom, James Franco, Robert Pattinson
    Actresses: Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon
    Fandoms: Harry potter, General Hospital, Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom Of the Opera , Twilight, Spider-man
    OTP's: Harry/Cedric, Fred/Hermione, Remus/Tonks, Seamus/Lavender, George/Luna
    Other Favorite HP ships: Viktor/Hermione,Harry/Luna, Harry/Parvati,Snape/Tonks, Snape/Lupin,Hermione/Fluer,Hermione/Oliver Oliver/Percy,Ron/Draco, Ron/Seamus,James/Lily, Snape/Lily, Remus/Sirius, Cho/Draco,Luna/Draco and Luna/Neville and many more I believe
    GH SHips:Lusam, JaSam (OTP)ZEM(Zander/emily OTP) CarLo (OTP)
    POTC SHIPS: Will/Elizabeth
    The Oc: Seth/Summer and Alex/Marissa
    Twilight: Edward/Jacob, Jasper/Alice (OTP's)
    Other Favorite Twilight Pairings: Edward/Bella, Bella/Alice
    OLTL: Jessica/Nash
    Passions: Theresa/Fox (OTP) Sheridan/Antonio
    Smallville: Oliver/Clark, Clark/Lois
    Spiderman: Harry/Peter(Otp), Harry/MJ, MJ/John
    Phantom of The Opera: Erik/Christine
    Tristan + Isolde: Tristan/Isolde.
    X-men: Wolverine/Rogue
    Grey's Anatomy: Denny/Izzie(OTP?), Alex/Izzie, Mark/Lexie
    27 dresses: Kevin/Jane
    Roswell: Isabel/Alex, Tess/Kyle
    Alice in Wonderland: Alice/Mad Hatter
    Pearl Harbor: Rafe/Danny
    Titanic: Jack/Rose; Andrews/Rose
    Gone With The Wind: Scarlett/Rhett; Scarlett/Charles
    House MD: Foreman/Thirteen (OTP); House/Cameron; House/Wilson .


    Ignorance, Lies, Homophobia; corrupt politicans. this list could go on forever


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