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12 July 2010 @ 06:36 am
Ailce In Wonderland Review  
Recently got the dvd...and here's my review

I loved how the movie started with the erie music and the primary scenes were well done as well. It shows how strong the bond was between Alice and her father.

Next, I love how Alice runs off after Hamish proposes to her. Never did like his character a bit too arrogant and Alice being the independant person and free spirited person that she is...the marriage would have been disasterous. Also, couldn't stand much of his mother, she reminded me of the Red Queen a bit in her evilness.

I also found it very cool the scene where Alice falls down the rabbit hole and you see all the objects as she flys on by. I would have been freaking out too if I fell down a rabbit hole and  I would nearly get hit by objects the kept moving (think I remember a piano)

Favorite Scenes: When chessur bring Alice to the Mad Hatter. Several thumbs up for Johnny Depp in his portryal of the Hatter...clearly brought the character to life and well HE IS THE HATTER. (And in my honest opinion I don't know why Johnny Depp thinks that Mad Hatter and Alice had a sibling relationship going on.....because after watching the movie and the Alice/Tarrant scenes it doesn't seem possible.) Also the part where Hatter verbally attacks Chessur in outlandish(??) was kind of neat. Which he only seems to do when he is angry or really passionate about something. And he immediately knew it was Alice when he saw her. Made the Alice/Terrant fangirl in me happy. (Only recently became a fan with this movie. the 1950's version no because well....Hatter is way too much older than Alice I don't think that would work out.)

Also another favorite is when Alice or should I say UM is with him  at the Red's queen palace when he is designing hats for the Bloody Big Head. Hatter then becomes overwhelmed by the people in the palace and she has to calm with down. Right then would have been a perfect  opportunity for a kiss. (Really wish Burton hadn't cut out the 2 kisses of them from the Original script)

Also really loved the battle scene which I think was one of the best scenes of the movie. Alice surely does prove her muchness there. And the Hatter too...although it was to help out his beloved. I honestly believe that something could have happened the two with them.

Most hated scenes: All stayne/alice scenes. He is only loyal to himself and was even going to kill Iraceabeth so he wouldn't have to spend eternity with her.

Scene that broke my heart: When Tarrant/ Hatter asks Alice to stay. I believe I cried at this part. I can see how some may see them having a brother/sister thing going on but as I said before after watching their scenes, their chemistry wasn't that of sibling love. And quite frankly, Alice should have stayed in Underland with her Hatter and have their happily ever after that Disney films are known for.

Favorite characters: Alice...very strong willed and opinionated for a girl of that time. Mad Hatter I simply loved for his madness and well because I love everything Johnny Depp does. Chessur always put a smile on my face. White Queen was awesome as well although she had few scenes. Absolem, while I wasn't too fond of him he was crucial in Alice's journey into becoming the Champion and recovering her muchness.

Not favorite Characters: Iracebeth for being the evil queen that she was. Treated her servants poorly too :(. Stayne I hate for the reason I have mentioned.

I have to stay I loved the costumes. Truly loved the dress for Alice when she was in the Red Queen's Palace. I loved the acting  overall.

Rating for move: 9/10

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